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Blind Tiger – The Legend of “Bell Tree” Smith

Every town has its myths. In Bluffton, Alabama, myth takes the form of a man—a legendary bootlegger named William Anderson “Bell Tree” Smith. An entrepreneur, shrewd businessman and infamous purveyor of fine, illegal spirits, Smith’s legend has been told and re-told throughout the region for more than a hundred years, far outlasting even the town in which he sold his wares. But every man, especially one of myth, has his contradictions. The Legend of “Bell Tree” Smith goes straight to the heart of the alleged bootlegger’s story, featuring historical reenactments, an original soundtrack and interviews with the infamous man’s descendants and local historians. Community leader or murderer? Post-civil war crime boss or family man with a hair-trigger temper? When it comes to telling tales, we are all responsible for the evolution of man to myth to generation’s-long mythos.

The film is currently being submitted to film festivals world wide.

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